The Irish Australian Support & Resource Bureau is a non-profit organisation that was formed in the early 1970s with the aim of supporting the Irish Australian community.  


We have been supporting Irish Australians in a multitude of ways since those earlier years. Our organisation helps the community by acting as a backbone of support, friendship and care in Victoria.  


The scope of our assistance is flexible to individual needs and issues. If you are experiencing distress, trauma, hardship or simply want to feel part of a community – The Irish Australian Support and Resource Bureau have your back. 


In addition to the groups of people that we support, there is a community of amazing people that holds our organisation together strongly. With social gatherings and activities throughout the year, we welcome all ages to get involved for a bit of craic and comradery. 


Whether you are on a working holiday visa, have temporary residency or you have been here for many years, our main purpose is to help you. 


If you or anyone you know need support, please reach out. Our doors are always open for a chat and we will always try to find solutions to your problems here in Australia.  


Whether you want to come into our headquarters in Northcote, or contact us by email or phone, we would be more than happy to assist you. 

Assisting with Respect and Confidentiality those within the Irish Australian Community in times of need and distress.

Our Mission

To provide unwavering support and a social platform to the Irish Australian community in Victoria. We are committed to helping the Irish Australian community through trauma, hardship, and distress. 

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Our Vision

To ensure the Irish Australian community can rely on our organisation as a platform for support, friendship and care. 

Mum and I don’t get out much these days and to know that she is still in others thoughts is so touching, I don’t know how to express it. Alzheimer’s rips so much of the colourful texture of daily life away and routine doesn’t do much to fill in those gaps. Fig Rolls go a long way though!! I let Mum loose with the packet and it didn’t see the sunset. Wonderful quality products, bacon was out of this world, we are still using the tea. Very useful mask and hand sanitiser, spot on. So thank you Elizabeth, Jo and everyone who worked to put them together. Your gift was so much more than a bag of well-thought-out products….it was a huge, warm hug to a woman whose beautiful, joyful light is fading.

Kathleen Burke, Co Down, after we delivered care packs to her family during the COVID-19 lockdown