IASRB Testimonials

The below is a testimonial where we helped Rosie, who had an accident while here in Melbourne;

'While faced with a serious injury on my one year working visa in Australia, I found myself alone and unable to care for myself in Melbourne. I had recently moved there and found work for myself and suffered a work related injury. I felt alone and scared in Australia. My sister found the IASRB website online during my time of crisis and gave them my details and they got in contact with me within 24 hours with support. They advised me to come in to the centre and see them and so I did. I can't thank the IASRB in Melbourne enough for the help they gave me. They acted and spoke for me when I couldn't for myself and when I found myself, a young Irish female travelling alone in Australia in a time of crisis, they reassured me that I was not alone. That there was help for me. They assisted me with finding the help I needed and directed me to resources such as legal advice, medical help, counselling facilities for trauma and social and community meet ups. They really were the light at the end of the tunnel for me and I can’t recommend there services enough'. Rosie Dolan.